Who are we ?

Machine à vendanger AlmaA

rchimedys™ is the result of a need expressed by the world leader in harvesting machines ALMA. The aim was to solve a manufacturing problem of Arrchimedes screws used for the transport and sorting of grapes..

The objective is then to find a modular solution, based on polymer materials, reliable and very economical in order to be adapted to different screws configurations.

Alma has mandated Exventys, specialist in Industrial innovation, for finding a new screw desing with the highest efficiency and reliability.

From idea to the end solution

Research in worldwide Patent databases reveal that no one found a solution to create a polymer screw as enough strong to wistand high services conditions.

Exventys, using TRIZ method and 3D printing, has imagine and realize in a very short perido of time an innovative solution solving all tecchnical contradiction limiting the design of a polymer screw for bulk handling  .

This is due to the fact that the compromise between high mechancial properties and a complicatedd shape is very difficult to obtain without loss of performance.

Exventys has implemented a rigorius innovative workflow, synthesys of all formal or informal needs exprimend in specifications.

Results? High cost breakdown compare to the original solution and efficency in service higher as expected.

From prototype to complete product range development

Iserco, leading supplier of bin activators and specialist of bulk handling has immediatly identified the potential of Archimedys™. Iserco brought a precious contribution in module product range definition and the perfect adequation with industrial needs.

In France and all over the world

Archimedys™ is now a worldwide product sell since 2010 with the help of an international network of specialist. Archimeddys™ is present wherever simplicity ad efficiency are required for your product transportation.