Archimedys Realisations

Archimedys screw used to move sliced potatoes

12.07.2017 in Archimedys Realisations

A Finnish company specialized in potatoes preparation, chose Archimedys modular screw conveyor made of plastic to improve the efficiency of its production line. Indeed, with a stainless steel screw, while slicing operations, pieces of potatoes tended to be crushed and pressed between the turns of…

Archimedys screw conveyor used in a biomass power plant

22.06.2017 in Archimedys Realisations

Waste matter seems endless according to our current lifestyles and needs to be managed. Household waste incineration consists in burning domestic waste in suitable ovens. Incineration with energy recovery consists, on its part, in recovering the energy of household waste combustion and turn it into…

Archimedys screw conveyor in hazelnuts dryers

15.06.2017 in Archimedys Realisations

Once harvested, nuts like hazelnuts, walnuts and almonds, must be dried out at moderate temperature. This operation ensures a better conservation. It also guarantees an optimal taste quality and makes the shelling easier. Nuts producers use nuts dryers : it’s a silo, whose capacity is variable…