Colouring powders for ceramics uses Archimedys screw conveyor

22 Juin 2017, by Admin in Archimedys Realisations

The world leader of colouring powders for ceramics uses Archimedys screw conveyor

Many industries use archimedes’ screw conveyor to move, mix or separate bulk materials, more or less abrasive, such as seeds, micron powders, sand, pellets etc.

But now, the traditional stainless steel screw conveyor is being progressively replaced with modular Archimedys plastic screw conveyor : there are so many advantages that this screw is widely preferred by many industries.

With the arrival of plastic screw conveyor Archimedys on the market, it’s a real technology revolution that is currently happening to the conveying industry.

More specifically, in the field of ceramics and tiles, colour is brought by specific dyes and pigments and these are most often oxides or combinations of oxides in powder form.


conveyorScrew conveyors are used inside packing plants to move these metal oxides powders and pigments which are particularly abrasive.

The world leader of colouring powders for ceramics and tiles, based in Spain, has so far used stainless steel screw conveyor but he had many problems of maintenance because his screws were quickly corroded. To change them, he needed to suspend activity and had to use heavy and expensive handling means. This causes operating losses, an increase of maintenance costs and a loss of productivity.

After successfull pilot testing, he decided to equip all his conveyors with tens of modular Archimedys screw conveyors made of plastic.

With its simple and compact design, Archimedys screw conveyor is very light in weight in comparison to stainless steel conveyor. It can be set up on the spot, without any welding, simply by assembling the modules.


Furthermore, due to its modularity, when Archimedys screw conveyor needs to be repaired, you only have to change the damaged module and not the entire screw.

Installation and maintenance operations are becoming easier and faster : reduction of maintenance life cycle costs and no loss of productivity due to an extended shutdown.

Due to the polymer nature of Archimedys modules, there is less noise in use. Moreover, Archimedys screw conveyor is corrosion-resistant, even from chimical agressive products or acids. Its resistance to corrosion or abrasion is far better than stainless steel screw.

We carry out technical studies and we make or have made mechanical parts necessary to install or to adapt our modular screw on your existing or new facilities.

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