Salt dosing screw conveyor for concrete mixer

18 Nov 2014, by Samir Osmani in Archimedys Realisations
An Archimedes screw Archimedys has been use to solve transportation and corrosion issues in a concrete mixing unit.
Hopper for a screw conveyor feeding

Hopper for a screw conveyor feeding

A salt is lifted at 4 m (13’) to the top of the mixing unit with two screw conveyors DN100 4’’ at 45°. The possibility to adjust the design of the Archimedes screw in order to ensure the efficiency of the conveyor without intermediate bearing was the key of success.
Other benefit, no noise when the screw conveyor is in operation and no corrosion issues anymore due to the polymer nature of Archimedys modules.
Archimedes conveyor/

Archimedes screw conveyor in a cement production plant.

Construction of conveyor was done in Denmark by Jesper Christiansen.
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