Fast and easy transfer from flexibags with Archimedys modular screw conveyor

15 Jun 2017, by Admin in Archimedys Realisations

If there’s a line of business where competition is fierce, it’s obviously the road freight transport business.
Road transport companies must not only face the competition of others means of transport such as rail and waterways but they also have to deal with the competition between themselves.

Flexibility, reactivity, adaptability have become the major issues that a road transport company has to face if it wants to get ahead. Of course, it has to respect delivery deadlines but it also has to optimize loading and unloading times if it wants to make the difference with its competitors.

On this point, using modular Archimedys screw conveyor is a real revolution.

Many companies use big-bags to transport bulk materials such as powders, sand, seeds, plastic granules, fertilizers, rubble etc.
And many companies use flexi-tanks or flexibags instead of tank containers to transport oils, juices, wines, liquid foods, non hazardous chimicals etc.

In both cases, using Archimedys screw conveyor during loading and unloading times make these operations easier, faster and more cost efficient.

With its simple and compact design, Archimedys screw conveyor is so light in weight that it’s very simple to move within the plant or warehouse.
The transfer has a high performance and the loss rate of goods is close to zero.

Moreover, maintenance operations are very easy : when Archimedys screw conveyor needs to be repaired, you only have to replace the damaged module and not the entire screw. You don’t need any welding operation. All this reduces maintenance life cycle costs.

Due to its light weight, installation and maintenance become easier.

Thanks to the polymer nature of Archimedys modules, Archimedys screw is corrosion-resistant, even from agressive chemicals or acids so it can be used for many liquids or solids products.

The features of Archimedys screw conveyor like resistance to corrosion or abrasion, less noise, ease of maintenance and many other features, have made it the best choice among its users. Its demand is increasing day by day and therefore, is widely seen in the market.

If you choose Archimedys screw conveyor, you will enjoy the benefits of this truly innovative product.

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