Archimedys screw conveyor used in a biomass power plant

22 Juin 2017, by Admin in Archimedys Realisations

Waste matter seems endless according to our current lifestyles and needs to be managed.

Household waste incineration consists in burning domestic waste in suitable ovens.

Incineration with energy recovery consists, on its part, in recovering the energy of household waste combustion and turn it into heat and electricity.

This process is part of energy transition which aim is to limit fossil energies use and is a sustainable solution for waste treatment.

Tbiomass power plantoday, even if health hazards are very low for the population who lives nearby waste incinerators, each incinerator must be operated in an optimal way and must respect emission limit values set by the regulation.

Furthermore, methanization is progressively being preferred to incineration for organic waste management.

Therefore, there is an increase in the number of biomass energy plants which produce biogas thanks to organic waste fermentation. This biogas is collected and used to produce electricity, heat and fuel.

When biomass combustion isn’t well controlled, pollutant emissions can occur. These emissions can affect air quality and human health (methane emissions, volatile
organic compounds VOC, carbon monoxides and dioxides, dioxins etc.).

INOVA group is a french group involved in the construction and operationnal management of biomass energy plants.

In order to avoid toxic dioxins emission and to regulate combustion reaction, an Archimedes’ screw conveyor is used to introduce powdered graphite in the incinerators.

INOVA has so far used stainless steel screw conveyor but there was a problem of regularity. As a matter of fact, it’s difficult to adjust the flow with a stainless steel screw conveyor with continuous thread.

Furthermore, powdered graphite is highly flammable and makes more difficult maintenance operations. ATEX 2.0. directives must be respected when operations take place in a storage aera or during a graphite injection in the incinerator.

INOVA chose to equip one of its site with modular Archimedys screw conveyor made of plastic and it’s a successful challenge.

Indeed, Archimedys screew conveyor has got many advantages.

With its modularity, it’s easier to fit the shape of the screw and thus to control the flow of the graphite metering unit.

ATEX modules have been used in this project : Archimedys screw conveyor exists in a U4 version usable in environments where there is an explosive atmosphere with clouds of combustible dusts in the air (ATEX zone 20). In compliance with ATEX EU directives, Archimedys screw conveyor offers optimal safety guarantees. It’s THE solution to prevent explosion and fire risks.

With its simple and compact design, Archimedys screw conveyor is very light in weight in comparison to stainless steel conveyor. It can be set up on the spot, without any welding, simply by assembling the modules.

Furthermore, due to its modularity, when Archimedys screw conveyor needs to be repaired, you only have to change the damaged module and not the entire screw.

Installation and maintenance operations are becoming easier and faster : reduction of maintenance life cycle costs and no loss of productivity due to an extended shutdown.

We carry out technical studies and we make or have made mechanical parts necessary to install or to adapt our modular screw on your existing or new facilities.

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