Archimedys screw used to move sliced potatoes

12 Juil 2017, by Admin in Archimedys Realisations

A Finnish company specialized in potatoes preparation, chose Archimedys modular screw conveyor made of plastic to improve the efficiency of its production line.

Indeed, with a stainless steel screw, while slicing operations, pieces of potatoes tended to be crushed and pressed between the turns of the screw and the auger used to convoy them. The waste rate sometimes reached 20%.

Thanks to the self-supporting effect of modular Archimedys screw made of plastic, modules act like scrapers and move potatoes slices smoothly. The waste rate is now close to zero. With the installation of Archimedys screw in his existing conveyor, our customer saved time and money.

The project was driven by Oinonen Tooling and concerned 5 meters long DN230 screws.