Archimedys screw conveyor in hazelnuts dryers

15 Jun 2017, by Admin in Archimedys Realisations

Once harvested, nuts like hazelnuts, walnuts and almonds, must be dried out at moderate temperature. This operation ensures a better conservation. It also guarantees an optimal taste quality and makes the shelling easier.

Nuts producers use nuts dryers : it’s a silo, whose capacity is variable (from 6 to 10 m3) provided with one or several Archimedes screw conveyor installed vertically. While turning, the screws create a movement : the hot air can circulate and the fruits can be dried homogenously.

One of our Spanish customer, used to use silos provided with 6 stainless steel conveyors installed vertically. He had to face many maintenance problems. Indeed, stainless steel screws are being damaged very quickly and you need to have specialized employees and lifting equipment to replace them. To fix this issue, he decided to overhaul all of his stainless steel screws and installed modular Archimedys screw conveyors made of plastic material.

Indeed, Archimedys screw conveyor has got many advantages.

With its simple and compact design, Archimedys screw conveyor is very light in weight in comparison to stainless steel conveyor : one can easily handle it. It can be installed on the site, without any welding. You don’t need
large handling means, even when you have to install it vertically.

Thanks to its modules, you can adapt the length of the screw to the silo dimensions.

The polymer used to make the modules of the Archimedys screw conveyor is highly resistant to abrasion. Stainless steel conveyor gets rusty quickly while Archimedys screw can be used even in an abrasive environment.

Moreover, when the Archimedys screw conveyor needs to be repaired, you only have to change the damaged module and not the entire screw which also reduces maintenance life cycle costs. Maintenance becomes easier and cheaper !

Archimedys screw conveyor is a real technological revolution and received, in this regard, the Industrial Innovation Award in 2011.